Welcome to the world of Caradesance

Please enjoy my short stories which take place on the planet of Caradesance. Also, check out the Caradesance page for a little more background, and I hope you enjoy my work as it arrives.

* NEWS *

Big City Lanterns has been taken down for editing. I can improve, so I am going to. {Back soon, maybe in smaller parts, or by acts.}

Lost Mage: Part one is up. I am re-editing, ditching and rewriting, so might take a few days for the next part.

The Lifeforms Of Caradesance. This is a documentary series that gives you the reader, an opportunity to examine the intelligent races.

The short story for humans is already up. Leave a comment 🙂

Please be patient between posts. I obtain no money from this, and I am now not even being given shifts by the agency. (BROKE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT.)

As I want to be a writer so badly, any tips and hints/comments you have, will be extremely appreciated 🙂 THANK YOU 😀

I’m constantly editing to be better. I constantly strive to be beat my last goal. And I want to tell you all, these stories which are happening somewhere out beyond our own existential crisis. Out along the multi-verse that extends across the void sea of eternal darkness. Where universes have risen and fallen on a stretched grapevine. That is known also as the cosmos.

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Thank you for taking your time to read my work, and I hope you enjoy the world of Caradesance, as it unfolds over the course of my short stories 🙂