Lifeforms of Caradesance

The lifeforms of Caradesance – Vampires

[Welcome readers to the long grass plains.]

[To yet another part in the exploration of a planet that has no ambition.]

[As we examine, the vampire, who is the natural hunter of homo sapiens. Although that was until vampires realised that animal blood; one tasted nicer and two did not fight back with fire.]

[Although in the heart of Dale-shire, in the small county of Provina, most vampires quickly began to think along the lines of, they may drink blood, but the humans need to eat meat. And since that moment almost a thousand years ago, in the age of conflict, vampires have been the financial backer of every butchery enterprise to arise within the Royal Kingdom.]

[Whilst it is true, vampires have only one true enemy. People seem to forget; for the most part vampires no longer enter the mountains. And because of this, trolls and vampires rarely met after the exodus.]

[After the vampires left the nation of Mist and settled in the long grass plains, they acquired new enemies, though not to the same extent.]

[Now it is true what they say. Vampires are very neurotic. They are also fast. They can become easily obsessed with virgins. But at the end of the day that’s what they call their positive attributes. After all, you wouldn’t want to meet a vampire who has the bad attributes. You’d likely end up a drained husk on the floor.]

[Much is known about vampire history, which is mainly down to the fact that some of the first vampires are still alive. Although within vampire culture they’re the only true immortals, but even they can still be killed.]

[The whole race of bloodsuckers was created by Ares, in the age of the gods. Exactly before the gods stopped wandering among us mere mortal beings. Although after Ares lost to Loki in a battle of shadows and demons, Aries was banished to Naserian (the underworld), and the vampires were free.]

[That was when they entered the mountains and met the troll race, which they hadn’t needed to do at all. But back then vampires feared something more powerful than trolls. Although if they hadn’t gone into the mountains, they wouldn’t have changed troll evolution.]

[There are five remaining vampire bloodlines from the first families. The Caliana Family. The Vino Family. The Marietta, The Laroma, and the Deucalion. Each of these families control a certain percent of all the animal farms and slaughterhouses across the kingdom. Along with other business ventures. And currently, it is the Vino family that are the lords of Provina. But that could change at any time.]

Lin Deucalion is sitting in front of her shuttered window, staring out at her father’s bushes. Her fangs ache. The veins in her hands are almost purple, and not the light shade of blue they should be. A shiver runs throughout her body and into her bones. Something that is not quite alive, but isn’t quite dead. Although what is one expecting from a vampire.

A door screeches slightly on its hinges. The sound which me or you couldn’t hear begins to tickle her ear drums. But no person enters the room. The smell of an animal begins to waft around the room. Whilst the sound of the door closing is faster than the sound of the animal moving about looking for escape.

Lin moves quietly across the floor on her hands, searching with her nose. Her nails are digging into the wood as she moves, dragging herself along the wood. Each nail cracking further under the pressure of six stone. Although Lin can no longer endure the pain and hasn’t the strength to capture her prey. She hasn’t the abilities she could have if they only gave her real food daily.

Exhaustion is all she knows these days. Hunger pains and fang ache. Dire misery and further pain. And even though she once knew what happiness was. Now all she has is a desire for escape. Freedom from the confines of her immortal bind. And as not even hope can survive the length of time she has been locked away for in the attic. Her desire burns the brightest in the rear of her mind where the fantasy could still brew.

The rat came closer to her. Snatching at it would prove to be too slow though. So, her only hope is to bite at it like a snake. A method for catching the rats that’d so far proven to work.

The fur rubs her tongue as her mouth closes around the animal. Blood fills her mouth as her fangs begin to seem sharper. Although she knows this feeling won’t be permanent. The poor creature doesn’t have enough within it. But yet it is enough to keep her alive for another month or so. Screaming within from all the pain and hunger. But that is where they have her, that is how they control her. For no vampire would give in and allow themselves to starve. The hunger is merely too great a feeling.

The straw bed in the corner begins to call her once more. Hallucinations begin from the blood of the rat. Food it is, but it is also a drug to her at that moment. As if it had been eating rat poison before they released it in with her. But the bed begins to call her once more.

‘Rest’ the straw says to her from the corner of the room. As she moves towards the bed, her body tries to heal the degradation to her undead form. Without carbohydrates to offset the blood and a proper meal each day, they’re only just keeping her alive. And in constant pain. It is a cruel punishment that her father at the time had called necessary. Although as time went by, the punishment had turned into a torture which felt never-ending. A constant stream of unwanted thoughts attaching themselves to a desire that is unattainable, freedom that is beyond her grasp.

Lin woke to the smell before her eyes could adjust to the darkness. It is something new, but not new. Something which shouldn’t be in the room. But it is in the room with her. And her mind scrambles as she tries to find it.

Although the smell starts to make her mouth water and saliva begins to drip onto the wood as she begins to crawl around.

[If she was a wolf, she would have howled. But she isn’t, so she made no sound at all.]

‘Slowly’, her mind whispers, ‘move slowly.’ Her body listens to the command as she begins to search with every sense still available to her. Each movement in the darkness towards the silhouette causes a scraping to begin though. A squeaky teenage voice calls out in the darkness.

‘Hello. Um, anyone there? I didn’t mean to break in, it was a dare. My friends dared me to do it.’ She doesn’t answer. The crawling scraping continues to fill the room. His breathing gets heavier as he becomes more afraid. His fear and sweat adds a new, tantalising stench to the room.

She leans closer as she gets to within an inch of him. Although she realises as he begins to sob that he can’t distinguish her, and he isn’t moving. And as she inches even closer to the lad with a dark smile on her face the stench of urine fills the air.

‘Please. Please. I’ll leave,’ the lad says as if he could sense her, but he still he doesn’t run. Lin places her hand onto his body. He whimpers and pees himself yet again as he tries to move backwards into the wall. The overpowering smell filling the darkness fills her with the type of hope that only she could smell. A guilty pleasure washes over her, one that she could only find in tormenting her prey. Her other hand met little resistance as she pulled herself using his body. Although the lad couldn’t move from a fear which made him release his bowels this time. She leans in as she begins to smell his neck. His heart beat is almost like an aphrodisiac, which causes her to place her lips to his neck.

‘Please. Please.’ He cries as her teeth start sinking into his flesh. Instantly though, the strength and the amount of human blood flowing into her begins to give her a new strength of her own. Her arms wrap around his sobbing body. Images flash within her mind as she drains him slowly, making sure it lasts longer for him. She sees his family, his friends, and even his betrothed. She sees how he gained access to her father’s manor. She sees that fear was the reason he couldn’t run away. She sees everything and knows that one hundred years have passed since she’d been locked away. The sobbing stops as his body goes limp in her arms, but driven by crazed hunger, she drains him of every drop. Lin notices through her fangs that his heart is no longer beating, and she releases her grasp on him.

Her veins begin to normalise first as the moons rays hit her through the slats in the shutters. Her skin shines under the rays for but a second. But her body is healing even if her mind would never do so.

She walks over to the wooden shutters which are no longer a problem. Even if they are nailed closed, one movement is all she needs to rip her way to freedom.

The moons catch her eyes, turning the whites pink. As she stands on the window ledge, her mind and body link with a dark internal bloodlust. But freedom is calling to her, and around her, she knows there are targets everywhere.

[And from what she’d learnt in that lad’s mind, she knew that the world has grown in size since she’d been locked away. A much larger world than she remembered now existed for her to sample.]

[So with a dangerous fugitive freed, the world of Caradesance looks a little bleaker than it already did.]

[Next time we explore the Cyclopes. A people of great might and still the most feared warriors of Britstana. Although in the modern era they languish in the capital with no lands of their own.]

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