About Me

Let’s be honest, I despise writing bios. I’m the type of ‘tinder profile’ which remains left blank, the person who says ‘ask me’ on a dating page and I’m not doing much better here.

But, just so, you know, and you all don’t ask me; I like fantasy and science fiction literature or television, and I mean good television. Prolonged non-romantic walks on my own, in the rain. And relaxing on an authentic story driven video game. Oh! And whisky! A fine full body Scottish whisky.

I also have a Siberian Husky cross Rottweiler named Lady. (Yes, I do plan on getting a puppy and calling him Tramp, I merely haven’t got around to it yet. Oh! Plus I kinda need money for that.)

22 replies on “About Me”

To answer your first question. In this age, I didn’t think of gender as important. Wales, Earth šŸ™‚ And some days I feel as if I’m in my early twenty’s, and other days I feel ready for a nursing home, is that ball park enough for you? (And you haven’t by the way lol, I had a look.)

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I’m with you, I don’t like writing bios either. I do love fantasy and sci-fi too. Thanks for following my blog. I’ll check out what you’re writing.

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