My name is Michajlo Carlos Garbett, and this is the world of Caradesance.

Out past the boundaries of our universe, beyond the void-sea of eternal darkness that stretches further than anyone could imagine, resides a small forgotten galaxy. This tiny little place is all alone in the deepest depths of a vast cosmos, that is filled with universes that almost dwarf our own. Within the centre of this unseen collection of yellow stars, is the orange star of Heilbronn. Heilbronn (or its parent galaxy) cannot be seen from Sol, and even if you tried to reach the star, your vessel would never survive the journey through the darkness of the void-sea.

On the planet of Caradesance, which circles the orange star, life is ‘almost’ that which you would find on the blue and green jewel which orbits Sol. The difference between Earth and Caradesance, is not the colour of their suns, but that the small galaxy, which contains Heilbronn, resides in an area where science has never existed. Because of this, the humans of this world know nothing of cars or planes. They know nothing of what resides past their own system, and they are also not the only race which calls Caradesance home.

So please, sit back and enjoy my stories. As you experience the events woven on the world of Caradesance. The planet that is as old as time, but as young as a duckling that is only just climbing out of his shell.